The Quaranteen Edition

What's the view from your window?

How is your pet handling this time?

(Davi's pup is just fine)

How are family members handling the SAH Order?

(Mrs. Cobb's husband and cat, Rupee, are a little crabby)

Un Petite Tranche de France

'a little slice of France'

Expression: "Ah la vache!"

Literal translation: "oh... the cow!"

What it really means: "Oh my gosh!" or "Wow!"

Published Poets in Our Midst

We are proud to announce that four of our students were honored this week for their original poems. Anna N., Kadyn P., Shritha R. and Addie T. submitted poems to Creative Communications Poetic Power Spring Contest. Out of 1000's of submissions, Prairie had 4 poems chosen for publication! Congratulations and thank you for continuing to be creative and daring during this time.


Hey all you Quaranteens, do you have a

project/artwork/craft/adventure to share?

Send submissions to Mrs. Cobb or Ms. Gasser via email to be featured here.

This one is of a light bulb.

8th Grader Ryan K.'s negative image of a tree made with a process known as cyanotype. This took 30mins to expose on a sunny day in the back yard.

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