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May 2021

Students and teachers were asked by Mrs. Cobb, Tonya, Greta and Meg...

What are you looking forward to this summer?

What I love to do on a summer day is hang out with my neighbors. We play anything you can imagine from kicking a ball around and jumping into a cool pool.

4th of July Carnival

Going to camp and swimming

I love to ride my bike and play with my dog.  I ride my bike around the neighborhood with my dad and Mateo and his dad. I also do tricks every once in a while. I play with my dog a lot. I take him on walks and play catch with him.

Camping with my family and dogs

Going to Florida

What I do on a summer day is go to the pool. I usually go with Hunter and Noel. We all love to jump off the diving board doing tricks and flips.

Doing nothing but video games and vacation

What I like to do is play baseball. I like to play because I am good at it.

I hope that I am going to Japan!

Going to the zoo
Riding horses and swimming

What I love to do on a summer day is play football. I play with my family. I also love to go swimming. I go at the RCC with my family.

celebrating my birthday

Kayaking in the river

I love to go to summer camp, mountain biking, and drawing with chalk. I love doing all these things because of the weather and no school. 

Reading and camp 
Warm weather

What I like to do on a hot summer day is play baseball with Sebastian. I also love to go on my trampoline and do back and front flips.

Going fishing up north

I love Hanging out With Friends at the pool. It feels so refreshing to jump in the cold water on a hot summer day. I also love to have picnics with friends. We get to eat, laugh and make unforgettable memories

No classes and homework!
What I love to do on a hot summer day is skateboard with friends. I love to listen to music And I love to go on my dirt bike and go on a trampoline.

What I like to do on a summer day is walk, go to my friends house, and I love to celebrate summer holidays. I love the warm weather too!

Playing Roblox


The first shoutout is from Alex V. to Eleanor P: I would like to give a shoutout to Eleanor Pitts for always having my back and bringing me up when I'm down:)


The next shoutout is from Lily R. to Catherine K: I was carrying a bunch of stuff and she ran out to help me and she was even late to her class because she helped.  That's a TRUE FRIEND.


The next shoutout is from Mrs.Cobb to Noel: Thanks for holding the door for EVERYONE at recess last week!

This one is from Mrs.Cobb to Nikki, Phil, and Jonah: Thanks for helping move Mrs.Gasser’s stuff into her new classroom space!


The next shoutout is from Eleanor P. to Alex V: Thanks for being an AWESOME friend.

The next shoutout is from Jemma to Mrs.Aragones: Thanks for bringing us around school to pick up trash!

The next shoutout is from Maddie B to Sophia G: A shoutout goes to Sophia G. because she cleaned up the bathroom when no one asked her to!

The next one is from Maddie B to Alyssa: A shoutout goes to Alyssa because she maked sure her friends were not sad during gym class.

Leading the Way...

Thank you Jemma and Reese for inspiring us all to collect 25 pounds of garbage throughout our community. Here are some of those trash collectors.


Thanks, Reese S!

Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 10.01.28

Thanks, Willa and Petra!

Jemma trash (1).jpg

Thanks, Jemma!

nolan trash.jpeg

Thanks, Nolam M!

alex trash.jpg

Thanks, Alex!

logo SG.png

New logo by Sophia G


Welcome to our final issue of the TPS Tribune. As a group, we have had so much fun putting together these articles in the past year. We have built a stronger community and have come so far from just being 5 students who came up with an idea. Thank you so much for the effort all of our contributors put into these articles, comics, recipes, and more. We have all grown so much. 

I would like to thank Jonah G for coming up with the idea in the first place! I would like to thank Colin S for coming up with the name of the paper. I would also like to thank Nolan B for helping us make this a reality and Tonya H for being there the entire ride. Also I would like to thank all of the other contributors.

Thank you for your readership and all that you have done to support the TPS Tribune. We wouldn't be here without you! Stay tuned for our new and improved TPS Tribune of the 2021-2022 school year. 

Have a great summer!

Alex V


...and that's a wrap

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