An Interview with

Jay Christie(aka Jungle Jay)!!!

by Gabby L


Above: Jay Christie feeding the animals

                 Right: New giraffes at the park


This week I asked Jay Christie a couple of questions. Jay Christie is the owner of Safari Lake Geneva. If you have not been to Safari Lake Geneva I would recommend it a lot. 


Q: What is Safari Lake Geneva?
A:Safari Lake Geneva is a conservation park in Walworth County, Wisconsin. The mission of the park is to help save animals. We are home to animals from around the world and every year we help support wildlife conservation projects in Africa and right here in the US. People can help support their work by visiting the animals living at Safari Lake Geneva. Most people do this from the comfort of their cars (just like a real safari). They can even feed the animals (unlike a real safari).


Q:What is your job at Safari Lake Geneva?

A: I am the owner and founder so my job involves overseeing the entire operation including long and short-term planning, animal welfare and conservation, finance, marketing, and public relations (including representing the park on TV and other media).


Q: What is your favorite animal at Safari Lake Geneva?

A: It's pretty hard to choose just one but I do like the giraffes and the water buffalo.


Q:How long has Safari Lake Geneva been around?
A: We opened in August of 2016. I had been dreaming about opening it since I was younger than you, though!


Q:Why is Safari Lake Geneva different from other safaris?

A: Hmmm... well, most safari parks in the US don't allow you to drive in with the giraffes.


Q: How did you think of having a safari?

A:When I was a little kid I really liked going to the zoo. In fact, "zoo" was the first word I learned to read. But by the time I was ten or so, I became convinced that herd animals should be allowed to roam in herds as they do in the wild and display other behaviors that they do in the wild like running and other activities they couldn't enjoy in a zoo.


Q: How has COVID affected your business in a bad way?

A:It has increased the costs of building materials, but, otherwise, not really.


Q: How has COVID affected your business in a good way?

A:It has affected us in a good way because we were one of only a handful of activities people could enjoy, outdoors and socially distanced, during the pandemic.


Q: Is there anything else you would like to share with the 5/6 graders at The Prairie School? 

A:We're open every day from May 1st through October 31st but online reservations are required. Thanks, Gabby!


No, thank you Mr. Jay! Have an amazing last week ⅚ graders. Go check out Safari Lake Geneva over the summer. I have been multiple times and each time there is something new!

Favorite Projects


by Greta and Meg


My favorite project was cell analogy. It was my favorite project because I loved that I had lots of creative freedom.



My favorite project of the year was foodie fractions. It was my favorite project of the year because I got to cook with my family and I loved making the poster.



My favorite project was the Jabberwock play in the theater. I loved it because it was a fun activity and I had a good group.



My favorite activity was graphing initials. I love doing it because I really enjoy graphing and I love to draw my name.


I loved doing the foodie fractions because I love to cook.



My favorite project was the poetry book. I loved that because poetry is a hobby of mine, and I loved designing the book.



My favorite project is the graphing project because I can laminate it and keep it forever. And I love graphing and it is just really fun.

Spring Lunch/Recess

by the JAC

bench legs.jpeg
claire smash.jpeg
lunch 1.jpeg
lunch 2.jpeg
recess 3.jpeg
recess 4.jpeg
lunch 4.jpeg
recess 2.jpeg
recess run 1.jpeg
recess 7.jpeg
soccer 1.jpeg
run 2.jpeg
run 5.jpeg
run 6.jpeg
backs recess.jpeg